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I love having the meal plans. Even if I don't follow it exactly, it forces me to think about planning my week out. Foodwise, this year is such a stress-free Lent. - JM
If you’re like us, the major fasts prescribed by the Church can bring on a mixed bag of feelings. We’ve looked forward to them with longing, knowing that the discipline, if taken seriously and fully, can be an incredible time of growth and blessings. We’ve also approached them with dread. One more layer of stress, one more thing to think about and add to my life of guilt over not doing everything I want to be doing, or know that I should doing.

This program changes that!

Whether you are an Orthodox Christian, or someone who has a sincere intent to make the most out of this Lent by following the prescription of the Ancient Church, this community is for you! Join Christians from around the world who want to make this Lent a time of focus and intention. We will be following the old calendar which has Great Lent beginning on February 19th, and Easter, or "Pascha" as it is known in the Orthodox Church, taking place on April 8th. And we'll talk about why there are different dates and calendars!

We're waiting for you!

The Daily Ascesis quotes are 'doable' bites of nourishment that I look forward to. Also the health coaching and interviews, but more than that, it was the opportunity to experience a kind of 'fellowship' during Lent on my own schedule. - SV

The Purpose and Components

My Beautiful Lent is designed to eliminate the stress of feeling as though an extra layer is being added to an already tapped out life...and simplify it. Let our community inspire and support your intentions of being fully present during one of the most beautiful seasons of the Christian year.
I enjoyed the Health Coaching sessions, which got me thinking about some basic healthy habits that I was neglecting. I appreciate that Rita & Cynthia were so open about their own spiritual practices, which inspired me to pick up my game. - TM
I really liked how it helped expand my Lenten journey into the rest of my life, beyond church services. All-in-all I think MBL helped me to have a very rich, rewarding Lent. - DL


We started February 19th, but there is still time to join us!

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1 – Meal Planning: What to eat everyday, including healthy recipes and grocery lists. New recipes, along with many cultural favorites...all can be customized to your specific tradition. Two months without meat and dairy, and at times fish and oil? We have you covered! We offer special meal plans for Diabetics, and have custom plans formulated for us by Martha Condra, host of the podcast Wheat, Wine and Oil on Ancient Faith Radio. Martha is a professional chef, and former Cooking Light contributor. You'll want to read her bio on the "About Us" page!

2 – Daily Ascesis: One of our most loved features! Each day a quote from the Saints will appear, and an opportunity to practice structured and silent prayer will be offered. We even offer a daily exercise component via video with former Professional Triathlete, Nataliia Kravchuk.

3 – Health Coaching: Don't spend 7 weeks eating "fast friendly" junk! It will only cause higher stress, lower energy, and a compromised immune system that leaves you open to this year's flu bug. A weekly health and wellness coaching session with Cynthia Damaskos, CHHC and guest doctors, dieticians, etc, on a topic related to health of mind, body and soul. Tools that will last a lifetime, plus an option to have your own personal plan developed based on your individual needs. If you choose the Personalized Plan, Cynthia will call during the program to set up a 1 hour health assessment, and create a plan just for you, based on your unique goals.

4 – Weekly Video Interviews: Interviews with Orthodox Christian priests, deacons, authors, etc., who will inspire and support you during the journey. We will also be focusing on education this year. Why Lent? Why did the early Church prescribe this time of preparation for the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ? Plus, each interviewee will have a special message of encouragement specifically for our MBL community.

5 – Community: This is an opportunity to meet your fellow sojourners from all over the world, share, ask questions, and learn from each other. A private Facebook page has been set up, along with the opportunity to comment directly on the website.

This year we will be giving to the Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage in Guatemala

Starting at less than $1 a day, you can look forward to the fast with anticipation, knowing that the details of meal planning have been taken care of for you, and that a community of love and support will surround you. We want you to use My Beautiful Lent as an opportunity to journey and grow in a healthy way…mind, body, spirit. We want you to shout at midnight on April 7th "Christ is Risen!" with that feeling in your heart an adherence to the fast brings. We also pray that you will feel refreshed, energized, and armed with knowledge and skills that will carry over and support you going forward, not to mention many new friends!

Come join us!

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