Welcome To The 21 Day Renewal

Mind | Body | Soul
Join us for an exciting new program that will take the stress out of getting healthy! At Holistic Christian Life, we don't believe in compartmentalizing your life. Honoring the body God gave you by treating it with respect and care can be part of your life as a Christian. Not abusing it or pampering it...just caring for the blessing of this life He gave you. We make it easy to bring it all together. What better time than the Christian New Year, on September 1st, to start the journey to health or reset your intentions.

Here are the components that you will enjoy:

Meal plans: A 3 week plan, including recipes and grocery lists according to the historical church calendar, in partnership with The Fresh 20 meal plans! Simple recipes, less than 20 ingredients a week, clean food, no worries! And, a plan that supports weight loss, disease prevention, heart health and stable blood sugar. Did you know that in only three weeks you can turn your health around?

Health Coaching Webinars: Cynthia Damaskos, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and author of The Holistic Christian Woman, will be supporting and coaching men and women for this program. She will teach you to eat as God intended and to have a healthy relationship with your health. Sessions include topics such as weight management, blood sugar stabilization, old science vs new breakthroughs, getting better sleep, and managing stress to prevent chronic disease.

Weekly Interviews: Edifying interviews to keep us spiritually grounded, featuring guest authors from The Holistic Christian Woman - Molly Sabourin, Elise Adams, and Rita Madden.

Daily Ascesis: Short daily teachings from the Saints, along with tools to aid in structured and silent prayer.

Optional 1:1 Coaching Each Week: Cynthia will work with you privately on your goals, and give personalized coaching per your specific needs.

Private Facebook Group: An optional place to go to meet with Cynthia and others in the program. Get and give support to each other and share this journey.

We are excited to announce that Jordan Rubin, bestselling author of The Maker's Diet, will be helping Cynthia kick off this program on September 1st!

The kickoff is September 1st, but don't worry!
The actual meal plans start the day after Labor Day!

If you have already registered an account with us, check back on September 1st for access to the full site!