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If you’re like us, the major fasts prescribed by the Church can bring on a mixed bag of feelings. We’ve looked forward to them with longing, knowing that the discipline, if taken seriously and fully, can be an incredible time of growth and blessings. We’ve also approached them with dread. One more layer of stress, one more thing to think about and add to my life of guilt over not doing everything I want to be doing or know that I should doing. And Advent? The rest of the world seems to have forgotten what this time of year is about. Not quite the Christmas season yet, it is a time for introspection. Why did Christ come into this world? He came for me!

The Purpose and Components

My Beautiful Advent is designed to eliminate the dread and stress of feeling like an extra layer is being added to an already tapped out life, and simplify it. It supports you and creates community to help combat the craziness the secular world is creating at this time of year. By knowing that the areas that require decision making are taken care of, time is freed up to use the fast for the nourishment of the soul, leaving room for the blessings that the Church intends and that God wants to give freely. Whether you observe the new calendar, or the old calendar, this program was designed just for you!
1 – Meal Planning: What to eat everyday, including recipes and grocery lists. All new recipes, many cultural favorites...all can be customized to your specific tradition. Going 40 days without meat and dairy, and at times fish and oil? We have you covered!

2 – Daily Ascesis: Each day a quote from the Saints will appear, and an opportunity to practice structured and silent prayer will be offered. New for this program is a daily exercise component via video with former Professional Triathlete, Nataliia Kravchuk.

3 – Health Coaching: A weekly health and wellness coaching session with Cynthia Damaskos, CHHC and guests on a topic related to health of mind, body and soul. Tools to take into 2017 that will last a lifetime, plus an option to have your own personal plan developed based on your individual needs. If you choose the Personalized Plan, Cynthia will call you during the program to set up a 1 hour health assessment, and create your plan for 2017.

4 – Weekly Video Interviews: Interviews with Orthodox Christian priests, doctors, and authors who will inspire and support you during the journey.

5 – Community: This is an opportunity to meet your fellow Advent sojourners from all over the world, share, ask questions, and learn from each other. A private Facebook page has been set up, along with the opportunity to comment directly on the website.

A portion of your membership goes to International Orthodox Christian Charities

Starting at less than $1 a day, you can look forward to the fast with anticipation, knowing that the details of meal planning have been taken care of for you, and that a community of love and support will surround you. We want you to use My Beautiful Advent as an opportunity to journey and grow in a healthy way…mind, body, spirit. We want you to wake up on the beautiful day of the feast, shouting "Christ is Born!" with that feeling in your heart an adherence to the fast brings. We also pray that you will feel refreshed, energized, and armed with knowledge and skills that will carry over and support you going into 2017, not to mention many new friends!

The Journey Begins November 15th!

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